For the first time ever we present to you the DANCE ALPS EASTER SPECIAL with three extraordinary international star instructors and a high class program for advanced and professional dancers.

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Aszure Barton’s ROM

09 – 11 APRIL 2022

10.00 am – 11.15 am / BALLET

The oldest form of artistic dance also serves as the foundation for most contemporary styles of dance. Demanding training combinations based on the Vaganova method for advanced and professional dancers.

Instructor: Alexey Dmitrenko

Pricing: 75 € (4 days)

11.30 am – 12.45 pm / BALLET VARIATION

Advanced ballet variations will be trained based on the Vaganova ballet technique. Adagio, pirouette- as well as jumping technique will be refined.

Instructor: Alexey Dmitrenko

Pricing: 75 € (4 days)

02.00 pm – 03.15 pm / I-AM

Inspired by his previous work as a GAGA teacher, Robin has developed his I-AM technique, based on particular body movements and qualities.

Instructor: Robin Nimanong

Pricing: 75 € (4 days)

03.30 pm – 04.45 pm / CONTEMPORARY REPORTOIRE

Repertoire from the piece „Bodyscan 223”. Robin’s movement language fusions his I-AM technique with elements of Contemporary dance as well as high heel moves.

Instructor: Robin Nimanong

Pricing: 75 € (4 days)

05.00 pm – 06.15 pm / MODERN CONTEMPORARY

This class will offer dancers the opportunity to work from the inside out and to let their emotions stimulate their body movements. A combination of speed and directional shifts; impulsive changes in rhythm; and strict leg work of ballet with the torso and floor work of Modern dance awaits you. We groove. We rise. We fall to stand again.

Instructor: William Briscoe

Pricing: 75 € (4 days)

06.30 pm – 07.45 pm / HOUSE FUNK

Influenced by several types of movement, including Tap, African and Latin dance, as well as martial arts, House dance has its roots in the underground music scenes of Chicago and New York. House dance is about freedom, self-expression, improvisation, and the feeling of the music. Let go and have fun!

Instructor: William Briscoe

Pricing: 75 € (4 days)


Pricing for 4+ classes

  • LOCATION: Tiroler Ballettschule, Hauptplatz 3, 6380 St. Johann in Tirol


Alexey Mandrikov

Education: Bolschoi / RUS

Soloist at Roland Petit and the Russian National Ballet. Works as a regular guest teacher and choreographer at the Bolschoi.

Robin Nimanong

Education: Amsterdam University, Batsheva / ISR

Active as a freelance artist for different international companies. His work has been inspired by his time at the Batsheva company and its famous choreographers.

William Briscoe

Education: Juilliard School / USA NYC

A graduate of the Julliard School in NYC, he has worked as a dancer and choreographer with several international dancers and companies, such as Mikhail Baryshnikov and the Alvin Ailey Company.