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Dance and holiday feeling in Tyrol. With its Holiday Program, the DANCE ALPS FESTIVAL offers a brand-new collection of dance classes for travelers, tourists, and locals alike to enrich the possibilities of one’s individual free time planning. With prominent local and international teachers, a wide range of classes will be available. With classes ranging from one to two hours a day, there will be enough time left to explore and experience the Kitzbüheler Alps.

14 – 26 JULI 2023

JAZZ LIGHT (open class)

An introductory workshop for all those who would like to try their hand at jazz dance. For adult beginners to slightly advanced.

Instructor: Isabell Grundner-Damm

14 / 15 July: 6.30 pm - 8.00 pm

Pricing: 41 € (2 days)


A healing combination of movement and music, bringing a clear mind and energetic relief to the body. Choreographed as well as free movements to the rhythms and melodies from all over the world.

Instructor: Birgit Hofer

17 – 19 July: 06.00 pm – 07.15 pm

Pricing: 64 € (3 days)

FASZIEN YOGA (open class)

Fascia Yoga is a mindful training, giving space to new exercises in order to break up set patterns and offer a wide variety of impulses to the fascial tissue.

Instructor: Alexandra Eigner

17 – 19 July: 7.15 pm – 8.30 pm

Pricing: 64 € (3 days)


Start the day moving with an activating, flowing Pilates sequence. The exercises are performed in harmony with breathing and this connect body & mind. Mobilize and stimulate strengthening and stretching exercises the flow of energy.

Sabine Lieblein

18 July: 08.45 am - 10.00 am

Pricing: 18 €

BALLET (beginner)

Learn the basics of classical ballet techniques in a relaxed atmosphere with Ukrainian Prima Ballerina Viktoria Tkach.”

Viktoria Tkach

20/21 July: 7.10 pm – 8.10 pm

Pricing: 32 € (2 days)

Zumba ® (open class)

Experience an hour of power and joie de vivre. That's Zumba ® fitness at the DANCE ALPS FESTIVAL. Once the Latin American and global rhythms have grabbed you, you will understand why Zumba ® fitness classes are more than just a workout. After this class you will feel energetic and full of power!

Silvan Ruprecht

24 – 26 July: 7.25 pm - 8.25 pm

FREE (Registration still required)

AFRO (open class)

With their own Afro style, consisting of a mix of traditional African dances and modern styles such as hip-hop, breakdance, Ma piano and African new-school, Atif, Eyes and Roller want to connect cultures and bring happiness to the people.

Atif, Eyes and Roller

24 – 26 July: 8.00 - 9.00 pm

Pricing: 45 € (3 days)

CHOREO LAB (open class)

A place to be creative. Together with other dancers and our wonderful teacher Carsten L. Sasse you will create your own choreographies and movements. This way, new and exciting combinations and sequences will come to life. An unforgettable 2-day class to develop and express yourself.

Instructor: Carsten L. Sasse

29/30 July: 4.30 pm - 6.10 pm

Pricing: 58 € (2 days)

CONTACT IMPRO JAM + Live Music (open class)

Improvisation and Jam with live music. An unforgettable experience for all participants. Enjoy the limitless freedom of improvising while training your bodily intuition. Dancing and moving without rules.

Rebecca Plattner-Wörgartner

29/30 July: 6.30 pm – 7.45 pm

Pricing: 42 € (2 days)

  • LOCATION: Tiroler Ballettschule, Hauptplatz 3, 6380 St. Johann in Tirol