The History of the DANCE ALPS FESTIVAL

The first DANCE ALPS FESTIVAL took place in 2013 in St. Johann in Tyrol with the goal to combine an individual holiday with dance in the Tyrolean Alps. This adventurous idea quickly established St. Johann as one of the international hotspots for young dancers and professionals alike. As one of its most distinguishing features, the DANCE ALPS FESTIVAL offers a unique combination of high-class and internationally experienced teachers and an almost family-like flair, that can only be found like this in the midst of the Kitzbühel Alps.

We are especially happy to have managed to establish the DANCE ALPS FESTIVAL as one of the
most renowned workshop festivals in all of Europe.


Nimo Nikkanen

Timo Nikkanen

Chairman ICP

Beate Sibig Nikkanen

Beate Stibig-Nikkanen

Co-Chairwoman ICP
creative direction

Martina Astl


Melanie Streif

Design / Social Media

Tom Jank

Marketing / Sponsoring

Karin Moosbrugger



Praxis Dr. Gernot Hernegger
St. Johann in Tyrol

Our region

Experience the best dancers and the magical ambience of the beautiful 
Kitzbühel Alps....